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polaroid sx-70 camera



the polaroid SX-70 is one of the most famous instant cameras in the world. it was the first instant SLR camera ever made, and the first to use polaroids now-iconic instant film which brought photos to life the moment they left the camera. its manual controls have made it the go-to camera for artists and dreamers alike, and its fold-down design means you can take it with you, wherever you go. and trust us, youll want to.

the SX-70 features a 116mm f/8 glass lens with a four element design and manual focus operation via a front geared wheel. an automatic variable shutter speed and aperture system links the f/8 to f/90 aperture range with a shutter speed range of 1/180 sec to more than 5 sec for accurate results. additionally, as with all classic polaroid cameras, this SX-70 utilizes batteries from the film packs to power itself, alleviating the need to carry spare batteries for use.

  • single-lens reflex
  • fold-down design
  • manual focus as close as 10.4" (26.4 cm)
  • automatic variable shutter speed/aperture system
  • lighten/darken wheel
  • flashbar slot

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